Stop here and rest a while.

Unwind, breathe deeply and share your troubles and cares with God.

God is like a river bringing life to those who rely on him.

Listen to the water flowing and imagine that you are by a river. Listen to a poem and a passage from the Bible (a book about God) in the video below.

peace like a river

Deep and silent and cool as a broad, still tree-shaded river

Is the peace of your presence God.

You bring rest, from the thousand problems of our busy life,

We stop and plunge into your peace.

God you draw us into quiet places,

Here no noise and worry can disturb our perfect contentment that only you can bring.

You are like a good home, a place of refuge.

You make us safe and bring us peace.

When we leave here and go back into the busy world you are still with us

We can at any moment remember that you are there,

Your peace, presence and love surrounding us.

That same peace, presence, and love we experience now is on offer for all eternity if we follow you.